We are a full line DAZOC gated pipe dealer, with a full selection of PVC gated pipe and surface pipe fittings.  

DAZOC is not your typical gated pipe manufacturer, producing a more flexible pipe that reduces cracking and breakage.  DAZOC pipe also has key features that set it apart from the rest. 

  • Gate holes are punched via computer from the inside out versus the competitors who use a router to cut the gate holes.  This process creates a very smooth edge inside the gate hole that won't cut or tear the rubber of the gate when opened and closed. Creating a long life, positive seal for every gate.  
  • Gaskets used are large flap "flat back" Gheen style.  This virtually eliminates gasket "roll out" during assembly, eliminates the need for a tapered or "puckered" male end reducing friction loss, all while providing a positive seal.
  • Gates feature a larger sealing surface than competitors.  More rubber sealing material on the gate means a more positive seal.